Structure Of A Shrimp Boat

Lets get right to it. Shrimp boats have a lot of metal! These huge metal frames help spread their nets to where they can trawl the inshore and offshore waters. Most the time these structures are built with a thick gage aluminum to prevent rust but also have the strength to hold the weight they are producing. The weight of the aluminum is also much lighter than stainless and galvanized metal.

When we weld these stuctures we make sure everthing is 100 percent before it leave the factory. Unfortunately the constant strain on them as well as the rocking of the boat can sometimes cause a weld to break and when this happens we come back and make sure it is sealed up to the owner expectations.

Another constant problem is with new technology comes new additions to the frames. When a new device is invented and it help with a better catch the shrimpers will then have us come out and figure out a way to install it. Although most times this process is painless, there have been instances where this can be very difficult.

Shrimp boats are a very big part of our business. Actually they are a very big part of the commercial fishing fleet here in Pensacola Florida. Thank y’all for reading my post and I hope to continue to provide a little look in to the life of Sophisticated Fabrications