Meet Gail Wells

Hi my name is Gail Wells. I am your writer editor for Sophisticated Fabrications. On this blog we will write about some of the projects we have going on in our shop. With most of our jobs being marine fabrication we will show you ways we help our clients with custom work built to order.

Most of the time we are sought after for the great custom work we have provided out customers. Sometimes they need a repair from other fabrication shops that have not completed the work correctly. Although this is not an easy task it can be done and we gladly accept the challenge.

Growing up in Pensacola Florida I was raised about the shrimp boats, long line commercial boats, and pretty much any other kind of boat you can think of. Little did I know at the time is that my life would revolve around the huge metal structures on these vessels.

I hope you will like the articles in this blog. I do believe it will help the world see exactly what all can be done with a great welder! Thanks and have a great day!